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Founded in 2006 by Telmo Martins, João Feitor, Luís Dias e Orlandina Veiros, we are a global creative boutique and production company with offices in Lisbon, Covilhã and Dubai.

We create fresh ideas, films & interactive experiences. Sometimes we win awards or cause controversies.

Lobby Films and Advertising is an award winning creative boutique and production company working for various clients and agencies in several countries and continents.

We are a Portuguese creative boutique, movie and interactive contents production company also with a powerfull creative department, with presence in dozens of cinema and advertising festivals and internationally awarded. 15 Years Producing Movies, Television And Interactive Experiences for major brands and costumers, national and international. From big to small productions, we are a Full Service Production house, with the capacity to produce and post-produce all type of movie contents; color-grading, vfx, motion design, 3D animation and sound design. We are also in the Leading edge of interactive technologies, like Virtual Reality and 360º Interactive Movies and Augmented Reality. Get from us the best of the Future.

We are a Creative Boutique and Full Service Production House, with movie production, interactive experiences production and creative departments.

In our facilities you can find 8k edition suites, post-production suites, davinci 4k grading room and audio post-production room.

Lobby Films and Advertising is an award winning creative production company working for various clients and agencies in both Lisbon, Dubai and Covilhã

In Lisbon we are near LX factory in Alcântara, in Dubai you can find us in the Design District and in Covilhã we are in the amazing ParKurbis - Science and Technology Park .

Full Creative & Production Team

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Telmo Martins

/ CEO / Movie Director / Creative Director

João Feitor

/ Producer Director

Luis Dias

/ Account Director / Post-Production Director

Orlandina Veiros

/ CFO / Executive Producer

Rita Nobre

/ Producer

Pedro Azevedo

/ Photography Director

Pedro Adamastor

/ Sound Director / Sound Designer

Carlos Antunes AKA Cácá

/ Gaffer / Key Grip

Dino Estrelinha

/ 1St Assistant Director

Pedro Bessa

/ Photography Director

Tiago Faria

/ Camera 1st Assistant / Gymbal Operator

Manuel Costa

/ Drone Operator

Afonso Marmelo

/ Camera 1st Assistant / Focus Puller

Lúcia Valdevino

/ Styling

Diana Correia

/ Make Up / Hair

Sérgio Alxeredo

/ Make Up

Marco Amaral

/ Colorist / Image Post-Production

Hugo Moreira

/ Head of VideoMapping

André Barbosa

/ Head of Interactive Experiences

João Dias

/ Interactive Developer

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